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AFS v2 is designed to work with any PV.

It has a 901 connector both on the inside and the outside, so out of the box it will house a 901 atomiser and will connect to any 901 battery connection.


  • Liquid tank for 5-6ml of e-liquid.
  • Automatically feeds the juice into the atomiser.
  • Fits any standard 901 connection.
  • Has a control ring, which controls how much liquid is being fed into the atomiser with each inhale.


AFS v2 with plastic mouthpiece.

Assembly and Use


The AFS v2 comes standard with a 901 connector which will without adapters accomodate a 901 atomiser.

  • 901 atomisers require no modifications.
  • 808D cartomisers require drilling or punching through a side hole in them, please instructions here: Cartomisers in the AFS & AVS.

The AFS v2 brass connector also needs modification in order to accomodate 808D cartomisers. If you cartomiser does not screw on so that the bottom of the cartomiser almost touches the connector, then you need to:
(Warning! - This could lead to irreparable damage, seek assistance if unsure!)

  1. Carefully file the top of the connector until it is made shorter.
  2. In the process of filing please make sure that the connector is still higher than the the center pin nail which is inside.
  3. Check that both the 808D and a 901 fit fine, by screwing them on intermittently between filing attempts.
  • 510 atomisers require a 910-to-510 adapter, the adapter needs to have 4 additional grooves made at the 510 connection point in order to work in the AVS - Caution this set up is EXPERIMENTAL!


  1. Screw the control ring on the bottom of the juice tank. Make sure the o-ring goes to the top and the threads to the bottom.
  2. Put the smaller o-ring around the bottom of your atomiser.
  3. Screw the atomiser with the o-ring onto the brass connector.
  4. Now slide the o-ring towards the bottom of the atomiser so that it touches the brass connector.
  5. Slide the connector and atomiser through the bottom of the juice tank and slowly and carefully push it in, make sure to only rotate it in the direction you normally screw it on.
  6. Screw the connector into the bottom of the juice tank.
  7. Make sure the control ring is fully closed, it is closed when it snuggly touches the o-ring towards the center of the juice tank, ie, the control ring goes toward the top of the juice tank.
  8. Fill the juice tank with e-liquid of your choice.
  9. Screw the bigger of the top rings onto the top of the juice tank.
  10. Put the bigger o-ring into the groove between the bigger top ring and the atomiser so it slides over the atomiser.
  11. Screw the smaller of the top rings into the bigger one until you feel it touching the o-ring.
  12. Screw the mouthpiece into the smaller top ring.
  13. Screw the whole assembly onto the GGTS or another mod. In the GGTS make sure to first loosen the telescoping part, to not damage the batteries.


To start vaping you will need to take a primary inhale. To do this:

  1. Close the control ring completely.
  2. While not pressing the button take a couple of inhales, to make the juice enter the atomiser.
  3. Adjust the Control Ring to a comfortable level, where enough juice enters the atomiser every time without flooding it. Opening it too much means less juice and more risk of burnt flavour, while closing it too much might mean flooding and decrease in vapour production.
  4. Close the Control Ring to make sure there is no leaking when on the move.

Use with mods other than the GGTS

EMPTY as I don't have any exprience with this


The same ideas apply as for the GGTS; however, it is better to use Vaseline or any other chemically neutral lubricant over the threads as there is a chance of it coming into contact with the e-liquid. At least once a week put vaseline on all the o-rings to prolong their lifespan. Make sure to wash off any polishing residue with soapy water. Benzyne is effective to get extreme tarnishing caused by e-liquid.

Common problems and workarounds

Blue Foam around the connector 1.
Blue Foam around the connector 2.

There is sometimes the issue of leaks around the holes which are under the Control Ring. This is largely dependent on the particular atomiser in use and use of different atomisers even from the same batch can have different effects. There are three common workarounds for this:

  1. Cut out a disc from some blue foam and put it around the holes on the connector.
  2. Put some of the standard e-cig cartridge filler inside the atomiser about 5-7mm, so it touches the bridge.
  3. Use the cartomisers, because they stop leaks completely. Please see instructions on how to prepare them above.

O-Ring Sizes

  • 8/3
  • 15/2,5
  • 19/1,5
  • 9/3
  • 16/1,5
  • 12/1,5


Assembling AFS v2 Video

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