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There are a number of different methods possible to use the 808D style cartomisers in the AFS and the AVS of the Golden Greek. The basic idea behind all of them is to make a side hole similar to that of a 901 atomiser in the 808D cartomiser.

Basic Instructions

  1. If your cartomiser has coloured plastic wrapped around it (ie. it is not stainless steel on the outside), it is best to remove this label. After removing the label, also make sure to remove the glue residue left on the cartomiser. There are many variations on this, just remember that whatever product you use it will come into contact with the e-juice. Try Vodka, Goo Gone, Everclear, 100% Alcohol. You could also boil the carto in water which has the same effect.
  2. Make a hole on the side of the cartomiser approximately 1.2-2mm diameter and 8 mm from the bottom of the cartomiser. This can be achieved by using either a finishing nail and a hammer, or an automatic center punch which has been sharpened on some rough sand paper, or using a drill and an appropriate drill bit.
  3. Make sure you haven't damaged the wiring inside the atomiser (a multimeter is very useful for this).
  4. Remove the top white plastic cap from the cartomiser.(optional)
  5. Assemble the cartomiser inside the AFS or AVS like you would with a 901 atomiser.
  6. Vape!

This set up usually gives very good results at 6v

Left to Right: Drilled cartomiser, Cartomiser which has been punched with a sharpened center punch, standard 901 atomiser.

Detailed Instructions from wolfrv

Ok...have only had my AFSv2 a few days now..but it's been on steady auto-pilot most of that time. I'm running mine with KR808-D premium cartomizers, drilled out with 1/16" dremel bit about 7-8mm from the bottom of the carto. I peel the vinyl off the carto, clean the glue off with acetone nail polish remover(non-acetone doesn't work) and then wipe it all down very well. Remove both caps inside the carto and I use a delrin drip-tip with my setup because they were already out of stock on the AFSv2 tips. I'll get one when they are back in stock.

Ok..that's my are my tips:

  1. Do a field strip and cleaning of all parts once a day and pay close attention to the threads. If they look dark in the thread grooves..they are starting to tarnish from contact with use a paper towel and your fingernail to just run it in the threads to dry and clean them. Also make sure to dry your two main o-rings(atty o-ring and top cap o-ring)...that will extend the life of the rubber. Use a metal polishing cloth to buff down the unit once it's dry and clean. Reassemble. This takes maybe 20 minutes if you take your time and are thorough.
  2. Don't continue to use the same cartomizer day after day. It will seem to get weak and flood-prone. They need a break, so drill maybe 2-4 of them and rotate them in every day as you reassemble after cleaning.
  3. I refill mine in the morning after cleaning and then maybe once or twice more I'll top it off during the day. You may need to refill more often, just to depends on your usage. But to refill easily, you'll need to make a simple cartomizer plug to prevent flooding when you "unseal" the barrel to refill. Think of it like maintaining the air bubble in an old diving bell. If you don't do this to maintain the air bubble inside the you refill the cartomizer will try to flood as it equalizes the juice level inside the tank.
  4. Take an old 510 or 901 cart cap and plug the airholes. You can use a kleenex, analog cig filter, bubble gum, putty, anything to plug the hole and prevent air just bubbling through the cartomizer.
  5. Remove your drip tip(or other tip) and place the carto plug on the carto.
  6. Close the bottom control ring (CR).
  7. Now remove the top caps and o-ring, being careful not to let the carto plug come out as you do this. Just slide them over the top. Refill your juice...wipe down caps and o-ring and replace them.
  8. Once they are tight you can remove the carto plug and replace your drip tip. Open your control ring and you're back in business again.

This procedure has me running without a hitch all day..everyday. There is nothing else currently on the market that even holds a candle to this kind of e-cig performance. This is even easier than packin' a pack of analogs and removing the wrapper! ENJOY!!

Results Video from Emonty

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