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Esterigon © Picture by Frank Muders.
[*] Optional accessory
Type: Mechanical Mod
Diameter: 21mm
Length: 89mm (18500 mode)
Connection Type: 510:
brass cap pin, sealed, self adjusting
Cap Esterigon Atomizer Cap
with Airflow Control (AD)
[*]w/o AD
Airflow Control (AD): Yes
Button: Top-Side
Locking: Yes
Battery: 18490, 18500
[*]tubes for 18350, 18650
Battery ventilation: Yes (bottom side)
Materials: 303 Stainless steel shined,
[*]matt parts
Logo / Engraving: GG (button case)
Serial #: No
Start / End dates
Of production:
04.2014 -


Esterigon is the first 21mm mod of the Golden Greek APV line, a mechanical non telescopic mod for 18490 and 18500 batteries (18350 and 18650 are optional accessories), features a very smooth firing top-side button, airflow control, innovative locking mechanism at the bottom of the mod, 510 connector with fully self adjusting center pins for flush mounting atomizers and to accommodate battery height fluctuations, rotatable contacts for constant fresh power, simple dis-assembly/assembly and much more.

The most recent creation of the master of GG: Imeothanasis.

Esterigon User Guide & Information (PDF)

by AdamAnd (ECF), YouTube channel: Vaping CanuckReviews

Esterigon with iAtty ESG Edition, © Picture by CaptSteve
Note: special Esterigon version with GG-Wings on button-case.
Esterigon with iAtty ESG Edition, © Picture by CaptSteve

Some Features / Characteristics:

Esterigon with iAtty ESG Edition. Picture courtesy of steliosss, ECF.

  • Simple but very effective locking mechanism that cant move or get unscrewed and fire your esterigon by accident.
  • Extreremely easy assembling-dissasembling procedure.
  • Side venting holes for real safety and away from your face.
  • It sits in vertical position.
  • It doesnt roll on surfaces.
  • Ability to accept all batteries with different tubes.
  • Air control that totally seals air.
  • Automatically adjustable center post to accept all atomizers.
  • New style connector that doesnt allow liquid to escape to your battery.
  • 4 cuts on connector to avoid damage on it and increase air pass.
  • New spring loaded application that maximize the electrical conductivity (bended spring, strong spring, spring with fat base that is kept by a case that makes spring and case behave like one piece, very small tolerance between case and moving pin so spring doesnt play a major role in conductivity, spring that sits inside the moving pin so it touches moving pin with its top and side surfaces at the same time).
  • Rounded contacts on posts that button touch to avoid any kind of misfires.
  • Shined contacts to maximize electrical conductivity.
  • Contacts, button and its spring can be removed (when you want to clean or replace them) with a simple pull, using only your fingers.
  • It takes 18xxx batteries but its still at 21mm external diameter.
  • There is no plating anywhere on esterigon, something that is reducing the electrical conductivity and make contacts look bad after sometime.
  • Its all shined to avoid dirt and rust. Also it will not get shined to only where you put your fingers after some time because its already shined.
  • Its contacts need cleaning very rare because you can turn the contacts to a new position everytime you see a reduced electrical conductivity, so you have new contacts every time.

Technical Specs:

Esterigon unassembled. Picture courtesy of Ariel_MX, ECF.
  • Width: 21mm.
  • Height: 89mm (18490 mode).
  • Weight: 90grams (18490 mode).
  • 510 Atomizer connector.
  • Made of 303 grade stainless steel.
  • Brass electrical contact points (new alloy).
  • Top - Side Button.
  • Venting: 2 Bottom side venting holes.
  • Locking mechanism: "Current Interrupt".
  • Innovative "off center" springs loaded contact pins, that provide better contactivity with autoadjustable features.
  • The very elegant, hard hitting Esterigon is offered in 18490/500 with the option to add 18350 or 18650 tubes.

Total length with common battery sizes

  • 18490 : 89mm
  • 18350*: 74.5mm
  • 18650*: 105mm

* Sold Separately

Instructional Videos & Reviews

Esterigon 18650 mode + Penelope V2, Picture courtesy of D Stanley Querfurth, ECF.
Esterigon & iAtty ESG Edition. Picture courtesy of Ariel_MX, ECF.

by Imeo:

Others Videos

Written Reviews

Esterigons and GG Stand by Fluid Vapor. Picture courtesy of RiverNut, ECF.

Esterigon O-Rings

Inner diameter x Cross section (thickness) in Millimeters

From top to bottom

  • 2 - (18 x 1.5) Air Flow Ring
  • 1 - (10 x 1) Around Negative Battery insulator
  • 4 - (8 x 1.5) 2 Around Center Post, 2 Around Positive Battery Pole
  • 1 - (16 x 1) Around negative cap
  • 1 - (2 x 1) Button
  • 1 – (4 x 2) Around locking cap post
  • 1 - (4 x 1.5) (Additional O-ring Imeo has included for locking cap post)

See the Golden Greek O-Rings guide

Esterigon, © Picture by CaptSteve
Note: special version with GG-Wings on button-case.

Tips & Trick’s

  • Always clean your newly received device before first use, insure all threads and contacts are clean this will give you the best connectivity and best Vaping experience.
  • Identify all the parts of your Esterigon, a good practise is to disassemble and assemble your Esterigon in its major components, there are great videos that show how to disassemble and assemble it, step by step: GG Esterigon (English) - by Bishopheals, GG Esterigon (English) - by ImeoThanasis
  • Insure that all the delrin insulator discs are present (3) and installed at the proper places (check the "Esterigon Parts & Assembling Pictures" section below, pictures 14B, 14C, 15A and 16A). NEVER use your Esterigon if any of the insulators is missing: Using it without any of the insulator discs will produce a short circuit.
  • Use stainless steel mesh to clean your electrical contacts, DO NOT use sandpaper. Optionally you can use toothbrush with toothpaste to clean all the contact points.
  • Avoid touching contact pins with fingers: oil from skin can also interfere with conductivity, just give them a wipe with rubbing alcohol and you are good to go.
  • White gasoline is great for cleaning the threads (a quick wash with soapy water afterwards doesn’t hurt).
  • Use polish cream for the outside surface with polished finish.
  • You can add one more insulator to the Battery center post Steady pin insulator to increase the throw of the button.
  • The O-Ring can be removed on the venting cap to make battery replacement easier (recommended for experienced user’s).
  • Some batteries could have the plastic insulating cover thicker, that could prevent the proper contact between the battery's negative pole and the negative post of Esterigon when the locking mechanism is in "unlocked" position. You can solve that issue with a low grade sandpaper, by sanding carefully the delrin bottom part as shown by ImeoThanasis in the following video: GG Esterigon locking cap

Esterigon Parts & Assembling Pictures

Pictures, courtesy of Vladislav Karabas:


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