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GG4S © Picture by AlexandrosPhotos, courtesy of esmokeguru.
GG4S AD © Picture by AlexandrosPhotos, courtesy of esmokeguru.
[*] Optional accessory
[#] Customized Versions
Type: Mechanical Mod
Versions: GG4S
GG4S AD (with Air Control)
[#] 18500
[#] 18350
Diameter: 22mm
Length: 18650 w/o Atomizer:
GG4S: 76mm
GG4S AD: 80mm
Airflow Control (AD): GG4S: No
GG4S AD: Yes
Connection Type: 510
GG4S: Adjustable direct contact battery – atomizer
GG4S AD: brass cap pin, sealed, self adjusting
Button: Bottom (Monkey style)
Locking: Yes
Battery: 18650,
18500 + kick
Battery ventilation: Yes (button side)
Materials: 303 Stainless steel shined, matt
Logo / Engraving: GG Wings (button)
Serial #: No
Start / End dates
Of production:
12.2014 -

Customized Versions

Preorder 10.2015

  • GG4S 18500 shined, without Air Control
  • GG4S 18350 shined, without Air Control

Tips & Trick’s

  • Cleaning: Don't forget to clean the inside of the button where it touches the main brass body.
    cleaning contacts of GG4S (English) - by ImeoThanasis
  • Soft lock: GG4S soft unlock (English) - by ImeoThanasis
  • Permanent fire without pushing the button: The negative side of some batteries is flush with the plastic sleeve and the outer corner is more rounded.
    Left: battery with rounded outer corner. Right: normal form. Courtesy of mrZoSo (ECF).
    Solution: Replace the original O-Ring (17x1,5mm) at the bottom of the main brass body with a fatter one (e.g. 3/4"x5/8"x1/16", 15x1,8 mm)