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GGTB is an affordable personal vaporiser Mod. It is not as flexible as a GGTS, but provides the lion's share of GGTS features in a smaller and more affordable package. One of the distinguishing features is the Telescoping Battery part, which while the length of the device itself stays the same, allows the use of different length single batteries. The button design is similar to the GGTS but is a different size and is not interchangeable.

GGTB is produced in several variants - in aluminum, brass, nickel matte and nickel shiny finish.


  • Allows 3.7 v - 6 v - 7.4 v style of vaping
  • Telescoping dummy battery allows the use of different batteries lengths.
  • 901 and 510 atomiser connection
  • Locking button design like on the GGTS to prevent against accidental firing of the device and burning an atomiser and battery issues.
  • Venting holes on the bottom as extra protection in case of battery venting.
  • A special hole in the top connector cap allows a user to use something (ie fine allen key) to unstick the top connector cap in case the threads are stuck.


  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Length: 100mm
  • Weight: around 67 gramms


The telescoping battery part of the GGTB

Alumin GGTB

Brass GGTB

Nickel shiny GGTB

Nickel matte GGTB


  • 2 X CR2 (15270) - 3.0 v - for a total of 6 v
  • 2 X CR2 (15270) - 3.6 v - for a total of 7.2 v
  • 2 Х 16340 - 3.6/3.7 v - for a total of 7.2/7.4 v
  • 2 Х 17340 - 3.2 v - for a total of 6.4 v
  • 1 X 14500 - for 3.7 v
  • 1 Х 17500 - for 3.7 v
  • 1 Х 17670 - for 3.7 v
  • 18 mm diameter batteries, such as 18650 or 18350, cannot fit into or be used with a GGTB.

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