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Diagram 1 - GGTS Major Components
Diagram 1 - Parts List
1 1 Bottom Cap
2 1 Lower Battery Tube
3 1 Brass Telescope Tube
4 1 Upper Battery Tube
5 1 Switch Assembly
6 1 Collection Tank
7 1 AVS Tank Assembly

GGTS Assembly Schematics

(Download GGTS Assembly Diagram as PDF)

Diagram 2 - GGTS Collection Tank
Diagram 2 - Parts List
1 1 Center Post Nut
2 1 Collection Tank Center Post
3 2 Battery Plunger O-Ring
4 1 Collection Tank Center Post Plastic Stop
5 1 Collection Tank Center Post Plastic Stop O-Ring
6 1 Control Ring
7 1 Control Ring O-Ring
8 1 Collection Tank - Bottom
9 1 Collection Tank - Top
10 1 Collection Tank Lower O-Ring

GGTS Collection Tank Assembly

(Download Collection Tank Diagram as PDF)

Diagram 3 - GGTS Cross Section

GGTS + AVS Crosssection

(Download Cross Section as PDF)

General Overview

Be careful to not overtighten the GG! Tightening the GG too much could lead to damage of batteries or the atomiser. The atomiser center pin could be pushed in causing a short circuit, while the batteries contain dangerous chemicals which could vent (possibly with flames).

It is best to slightly unscrew the telescoping section to make sure all the parts are loose, before removing any one part of the GG.

Using Different Atomisers

  1. Pull the center pin out on the top cap (not as far as taking it completely out)
  2. Screw on the atomiser
  3. Push the center pin until it touches the atomiser center pole
  4. Install the top cap on the GGTS


Removing, Adjusting and Modifying the Button

Diagram 4 - Button Assembly
Diagram 4 - Parts List
1 1 Switch Body
2 1 Switch Spring
3 1 Switch Lock Ring
4 1 Switch Button
5 1 Switch Plunger

Button Assembly

(Download Switch Assembly as PDF)

  1. Lock the Button
  2. Firmly turn the button in the direction it typically locks
  3. Grab the part that touches the fuse/spring section and the part that you push (you might need thin nose shaped pliers for this)
  4. Now twist the parts counterclockwise
  5. Replace the spring or install magnets
  6. Screw everything back together as tight as you can (probably not worth over tightening though, in case you want to take it apart again)
  7. Install on the GGTS, be careful to not crossthread it
  8. Adjust the throw of the button by how far the stopper ring sits on the button

Removing and Adjusting Video 1:

Removing and Adjusting Video 2:

Replacing the spring with magnets Video:

Replacing the Top cap center pole o-rings

  1. Unscrew polygonal nut
  2. Take out the center pin and the polygonal nut out of the connector
  3. Push out the o-rings from the connector if they are stuck inside (use the center pin)
  4. Clean the o-rings put vaseline on them
  5. Put the polygonal nut onto the center pin
  6. Put the o-rings on the center pin so that the polygonal nut is stuck between the bottom of the center pin and the o-rings
  7. Push the assembly carefully into the connector
  8. Screw the polygonal nut back into the connector


Installing the Fuse Upgrade

Diagram 5 - GGTS Bottom Cap
Diagram 5 - Parts List
1 1 Bottom Cap
2 1 Plastic Baffle
3 1 Bottom Cap Post
4 1 Battery Spring

GGTS Bottom Cap

{Download Bottom Cap Diagram as PDF)

  1. Unscrew the brass piece which holds the spring from the plastic piece in the bottom cap
  2. Screw in the Fuse Upgrade



It is recommended to clean the GG, when you notice a performance drop or when you feel it needs it.

  1. Pay particular attention to cleaning the threads of the GG to make sure electricity flows fine through it.
  2. Put Noalox on the threads of the battery section to make sure there is good electrical conductivity and to make sure the threads don't stick. Vaseline will also work for this purpose.
  3. Put Vaseline (or any other neutral oil) on threads that come in contact with e-juice, to prevent dirt build up and to make sure the threads do not stick.
  4. Use fine grain (1200) sand paper and sand the center pole nail bottom and top contacts, the botton part which touches the fuse/spring and the fuse/spring holder top and sides. Also a piece of rubber like the one found on tops of pencils could be used to clean the contacts, it does not scratch the surfaces, but is still effective in removing the oxidation.

To bring back the shine of the GGTS it is recommended to use a polishing compound such as:

You could also try any other polishing compound which works for aluminium and brass and preferably leaves a protecting coat

Some users have reported succes with using Protecta-Clear coating, see here.


  • Did you sand the base of the button?
  • Did you sand the brass axis on the button's cap?
  • Did you take apart the button to clean it?
  • Did you try to smoke GG without the spring on the brass axis that is on the buttons cap?
  • Did you clean ALL the threads of the GG?
  • Did you sand the adjustable nail in the atomizer's cap?
  • Screw the telescope a little more to see if GG is firing


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