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  • Width: 20 (mm)
  • Length: 85 (mm)
  • Length with 901 atomiser attached: 115 (mm)

The first wireless e-cig that ever made on e-cig world and the first e-cig of GG series. It brought the big revolution on vaping world while all the other existing vaping devices were electrical and they got easily broke. All existing devices that are now on the market are based on this e-cig.


GG Grant and GG Nano together.

GG Grant Revision 1 with Off the shelf button.
GG Grant Revision 2 with black plastic under button.

GG Grant Revision 3 with white plastic under the button.

Battery Options

  • 2 X CR2 (15270) - 3.0 volt - for 6v total
  • 2 X CR2 (15270) - 3.6 volt - for 7.2v total
  • 1 X 14500 - for 3.7v total

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