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Here is a tentative list of things that Imeo said on the forum he is interesting in exploring and innovating in.

  • Inexpensive Entry Level PV - GGTB - has been produced and being sold now.
  • Bring back the GG Grant, or a mod for single 14500 or 16340 batteries - GGTB - has been produced and being sold now.
  • Replaceable coil atomizer - is the next thing on the release schedule as the iAtty. iAtty (Replaceable coil atomizer / 5ml tank) - has been produced and being sold now.
  • AFS for the GG Slim.
  • Special adapter for the 510 to use in AFS & AVS - A special 510 atomiser connector for the AVS has now been developed.
  • Variable Voltage GG add-on.
  • AFS for GGTB.
  • Small GG to use 14500 battery. - GGStealth in combination with a telescope enables usage of 14500 battery.
  • GG Stealth. - has been produced and beeing sold now.
  • Odysseus (a.k.a iAtty2 and MultiAtty).

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