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The GG Slim is the thinnest and smallest of the PVs in the current GG range. It is made specifically to use a 10440 Protected rechargeable li-on battery. It gives the possibility to experience 3.7v and 7.4v vaping with an additional extension sleeve.

It comes in two variations Silver/Two-tone edition and the Gold (Polished Brass) edition.

There are also two revisions of this model.

Features and Advantages of the GG Slim

  • Very slim, only 1mm thicker than an 801 atomizer
  • Very short - only 70mm without atomizer
  • Lockable button
  • Does not use wires, soldering, glues, epoxy, pushed objects and off-the-shelf products (except atomizer and cartridge).
  • Its very pretty and has engraving on it with standard gold caps. Its also available from time to time in a full brass edition.
  • Will never need repair. Even the button is unbreakable.
  • Solid construction.
  • Compatible with cartomizers.
  • Made from the best and most costly aluminium in the market, which is harder than middle steel.

Revision 1


  • Works with an unprotected 10440 Battery.
  • Has a standard 901 and 808D capable atomiser connector.


GG Slim Silver Revision 1.

GG Slim Silver Rev1 Button Detail.

GG Slim Silver Rev1 with a 510 atomiser.

Revision 2


  • width: 14 (mm).
  • length: 85 (mm).
  • length with 901 atomiser attached: 118 (mm).

Dimensions with extension sleeve

  • width: 14 (mm).
  • length: 155 (mm).
  • length with 901 atomiser attached: 188 (mm).


  • Locking button has been introduced.
  • It is possible to connect an extension sleeve and use 2 protected 10440 batteries for a 7.4v experience (only very high voltage atomisers are recommended for this).
  • Has a standard 901 atomiser and 808D cartomiser connector, with an adjustable center pole (moves up and down), in case the center pole on your atomiser does not catch properly.
  • Add-on connector enables the use of 510 type atomizers, egoT type atomizer and "The Fog" feeding system.


GG Slim Revision 2 Silver.
GG Slim Rev2 Gold.

GG Slim Extension Sleeve Silver.

GG Slim 510 Connector.

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