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The GG Stealth a high quality, very portable (only 68,5mm in lenght!) and affordable mod for 18350 batteries. It features a 510 atomizer connection.
GGStealth Silentt 1.jpg

Originally it was sold in brass, as an accessory part for the GTTS, the Stealth kit consists of two main parts:

  • Stealth reathreder ring
  • Stealth top cap

Later, both parts were available in Stainless Steel, and as full 18350 mod.

The full 18350 Stealth inherits some parts from the GGTS, it is composed by the following parts:

Inherited parts from GGTS:

  • Main tube.
  • Mechanical button.
  • Bottom cap.

Proprietary Stealth parts:

  • Stealth reathreder ring.
  • Stealth top cap.

The first Stealth's brass cap was discontinued because the 510 connector threads could get damaged with the constant use: brass is softer than stainless steel, and almost all the new atomizers have its 510 connector made of stainless steel.

In 2013 Imeo designed a totally new Stealth cap, available in stainless steel and brass. This new Stealth cap has newer features (in comparison with its predecessor), as:

  • Straight top edges.
  • Auto adjustable center pin.
  • Removable / replaceable 510 stainless steel connector.

It is available as an accessory part for the GGTS or for the new Just GG*, and as a full 18350 mod as well.

* Just GG was designed to use only the Stealth's top cap, rethreader ring is not required.

Upgrading a Stealth to a GGTS:

A Stealth can be fully upgraded to a full GGTS with the following parts:

  • 1 x GGTS Telescope
  • 1 x GGTS Top Tube
  • 1 x GGTS Connector *
  • 1 x GGTS Firing Pin + Battery Contact
  • 1 x GGTS Collector Tank *
  • 1 x GGTS Collecor Tank Control Ring *
  • 1 x GGTS Adjustable Draw Cap/Lid 510/901 or 801 *

* Also available as a single kit.

Converting a GGTS to a Stealth:

A GGTS can be converted to a GG Stealth, removing from it the parts mentioned above and adding the GG Stealth Top Cap kit, that is conformed of:

  • 1 x GG Stealth Spacer Ring (reathreder)
  • 1 x GG Stealth Top Cap / Connector

Stealth with 18490 / 18500 and 18650 batteries:*

A Stealth does not need to be upgraded to a full GGTS to use bigger batteries in it, however some additional parts are requiered:

Stealth with 18490 / 18500 batteries, additional parts:

  • GGTS Telescope Tube

(Telescope can be adjusted to accommodate a 18350 battery)

Stealth with 18650 batteries, additional parts:

  • GGTS Telescope Tube
  • GGTS Extension Sleeve

* Rethreader ring is no used.

Just GG with the new Stealth Cap:

Just GG is designed to use the Stealth cap without the Stealth's rethreader ring, instead the rethreaded ring the telescope tube of Just GG is used to connect the new Stealth cap to the main tube.


  • 1 x 18350 or 1 x 16340


GG Stealth COV.jpg
GG Stealth Top Cap COV.jpg
GGStealth-GGTS Silentt 2.jpg
GGStealth-UFS Rick.45cal 1.jpg
GGStealth-iAtty womblebat 2.jpg
GGStealth-UFS-Bic Rick.45cal 2.jpg
GGStealth-UFS Silentt 3.jpg
GGStealth-iAtty fright88 1.png
GGStealth-iAtty Moshmarr 1.jpg
GGStealth-iAtty womblebat 1.jpg
GGStealth-GGTB lee72 1.jpg
GGStealth Rye 1.jpg

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