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== Detailled guide for UFS with tips & tricks included ==

  1. Disassemble and wash every part. It will be helpfull if you keep the associated o rings with there respective parts aka for the floating center pin the 2 tiny o rings and the one larger.
  2. Lube every thread and o ring you can find.
  3. Take the positive pole sliding pin and put the larger o ring, then the flat metal nut threaded end up, then the 2 tiny o rings, then the plastic piece cup side down. Tighten the plastic cup over the 2 tiny o rings onto the flat metal nut. The center pin should be able to move up and down, but have some resistance. Insert the entire assembly into the base piece.
    This 3. part, is not nessesary, exept you want to see how UFS is made or in case something happens to your UFS internal pieces. Also you have to be very careful when you install tiny o-rings on the pin, when you screw the plastic part with the flat metal nut and when you screw this assembly inside the UFS connector.
    Note: Do not take apart the center pin assembly unless it is leaking.
  4. Install the catch tank and air control ring.
  5. Pop the tank base piece onto the atty connector and screw clock wise till it stops.
  6. Install the atty or carto you are using. make sure that there is no gap between the top of the atty connector and top of connector on the atty or carto. Screw as hard as you can the atty or carto on the UFS connector. It does not matter if the side holes are covered, there is a channel in the connector for juice flow. NOTE: if you are installing a carto, I would suggest pre-filling it.
  7. Turn the base of the tank counter clockwise till it seats tight against the base of the atty or carto. There should be no gap. The tank is now set to juice flow closed. Check between the bottom of the tank base and the top of the catch tank, you should not be able to see the o ring on the outside of the base of the tank. If you can see it, something is not seated properly. You need to re install the atty. (this is the most important part, 90% of the issues people are having stem from right here).
  8. Here is where things differ depending on what you want to run. If you installed a standard sized 510 atty, that means mini mode. Install the metal window (it is prefearable to use the metal window in short mode because you cant damage its threads). Make sure the air control ring is closed tight. Fill with juice. If you installed a carto or long barrel atty, that means full size mode. Install the window of your choice (clear or metal). Install the tank extender. Make sure the air control ring is closed tight. Fill with juice.
  9. Install the tank top and then the o ring around the top of the atty or carto.
  10. Install the top piece in the following way. First tighten it down enough to seat the o ring. Second loosen the top piece. Third re-tighten the top piece just enough to not be loose. It is VERY important that this is not too tight. You do not want to grip the top of the atty or carto, only keep the juice from leaking. If it is too tight it will unscrew the atty or carto as you adjust the juice control and it will not feed the atomizer properly. This will cause BAD things to happen.
  11. Install your drip tip.
  12. Install the UFS on you GG.
  13. If you installed a pre-filled carto, open the juice control about a quarter turn and the air control about a quarter turn. Start vaping! From here you just need to play with it to dial in what you want. If you installed an atty, you need to prime the atty. Open the juice control about a quarter turn. Take drags without firing the mod till you hear a slight gurgle. Now open the air control about a quarter turn and start vaping! From here you just need to play with it to dial in what you want.
  14. Enjoy you new UFS! Welcome to vape heaven!

written by inquisitorj