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The iAtty is the first rebuildable atomizer with tank system in the GG range. It is an atomizer you put together yourself allowing you to tweak the resistance to your preference.
The tanks has a 5ml capacity! It can be reused again and again and has several user serviceable parts including nichrome wire (resistance wire), not resistance wire and replacement wick rope.
Resistance can be set based on coil length (and type) during assembly.

The iAtty comes with 510 threading and should theoretically work on most 510 devices/mods.

(info from http://e-cigz.co.uk/)

Components and views

IAtty Assembled.jpg
IAtty Assembled Internal View.jpg

IAtty Exploded 1.jpg
IAtty Exploded 2.jpg

IAtty Components.jpg

iAtty Parts List
ITEM QTY Description
1 1 iAtty Base
2 1 iAtty Lower Insulator
3 1 iAtty Center Post
4 1 iAtty Upper Insulator
5 1 iAtty Ceramic Cup
6 1 iAtty Cone
7 1 iAtty Tank
8 1 iAtty Cap
9 1 iAtty Mouthpiece
10 1 14x1.5 O-Ring
11 2 3x1.8 O-Ring
12 1 4x2 O-Ring
13 1 2x2 O-Ring (Alternate)
14 1 4x1.5 O-Ring (alternate)

Tips & Tricks

  • New iAtty native base for TS coming soon ! (Will allow the use of iAtty on the GGTS with air flow control without any adapter)



iatty 1 (3.6 ohms, iAtty at 3.7 volsts)

iatty 3 (1.7 ohms, iAtty at 3.7 volts

GGTB and Iatty

3 ohm Iatty at 3,7 volts

steel mesh and china wick

Iatty at 6 and 7,4 volts 4,8ohm resistance

Iatty at 3 ,7 volts with a 4,8 ohm resistance

Iatty smoke party

Iatty on the GGTS

Final look of Iatty

1.5 ohm Iatty on 6 volts

1.5 ohm Iatty at 3.7 volts

Iatty 3.4 ohm at 6 volts

Iatty 1.7 ohm at 3,7 volts

iAtty internal pieces chunk (1/3)

iAtty internal pieces chunk (2/3)

iAtty internal pieces chunk (3/3)

Making vaping iAtty chunk (1/3)

Making vaping iAtty chunk (2/3)

Making vaping iAtty chunk (3/3)

Receiving Iatty and assembling it

Making iAtty resistance HD (1/2)

Making iAtty resistance HD (2/2)

Making resistance for iAtty (1/2)

Making resistance for iAtty (2/2)

iAtty wick and a GGTS trick chunk (1/2)

iAtty wick and a GGTS trick chunk (2/2)

Making Odysseus and Iatty wires

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