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Penelope v2. © Picture by Frank Muders.
[*] Optional accessory
Legacy*: but ask the Worldwide Suppliers. They still may have one.
Type: Rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA).
Diameters: 17mm
w/o connection and drip tip
[*]short mode 40mm
(liquid capacity)
[*]short mode 2.5ml
Filling sytem: Top filling.
Connection Type: 510:
stainless steel, sealed, adjustable.
Tank / Body: Stainless steel.
Materials: Stainless steel shined.
Liquid control: Yes (via mouthpiece).
Airflow control: Yes, via mouthpiece
Air channels: 2
Mouthpiece: Solid mouthpiece.
Wire / Wick: Rebuildable.
Needs NR Wire: Yes.
Wire / Coil Housing: Ceramic.
Springomizer:  ?
Logo / Engraving: GG Wings engraved at base.
Serial #: Yes.
Start / End dates
of production:
~11.2013 - ?

Penelope v2 Serial Numbers

Penelope v2 & Odysseus Drip Mode. Picture courtesy of steliosss, ECF.
Penelope v2 & GGTB (custom), Picture courtesy of steliosss, ECF.


Penelope v2 is the fifth rebuildable atomizer with tank system of the Golden Greek line, made by Imeo.

The best thin (17mm) rebuildable atomizer with ceramic cup ever made, the shortest one with the easiest and quickest way to make wires without tools too, the one with the biggest capacity for its size and the most featured too.

Successor of the awarded Penelope v1, the Penelope v2 inherited some of the characteristics of its predecessor plus a lot of new ingenious features, improvements and a new aesthetic look.

Some of the new features include a new wire fixation system (Ithaka style), upper and lower caps with slots to facilitate the assembling and disassembling process, the grooves at the sides of the bottom cap extend to the bottom and function as slots for airflow, this new feature and its auto adjustable positive pin allows the Penelope v2 to sit flush on any mod, without compromising the airflow and the connectivity.

A new clever and normally unnoticed new feature, is the pressure release system at the top cap, consisting in to small slots located at the inside of the top cap, those slots allow the release of pressure that normally occurs when the top cap is screwed into the tank (this feature was introduced with the Penelope v2 and its an standard feature on all the newer GG atomizers, as the Penelope v3 and Tilemahos).
Another great new feature is the airflow control system, integrated at the tip of the mouthpiece, that functions as an airflow control, it can be totally closed thus sealing the mouthpiece, it can very useful to prevent leaks through the mouthpiece in, for example, a travel. But that is not all, the tip of the mouthpiece can be removed to allow the use of any 510 drip tip without the need of changing the whole mouthpice.

Unlike the Penelove v1 in which the Wings GG logo was vertically located at the tank, the Penelope v2 features a small Wings GG logo, located horizontally one one side of the bottom cap and a serial number on the other side, giving to it a clean and classy look.

Features / Characteristics & Differences (compared with Penelope v1):

Penelope v2 & Ithaka, © by Steve Lepouras
Penelope v2 & Penelope v1, © by Steve Lepouras
  • Adjustable or auto adjustable center pin (difference)
  • Bigger holes for better air control (difference)
  • New ceramic with botton openings to avoid flooding while vaping (difference)
  • Ceramic housing sits in different position against base to avoid flooding while vaping (difference)
  • The upper cap is made to avoid flooding while refilling (difference)
  • Connecting wires like Ithaka for steady ohms and even easier assembling (difference)
  • Screwdriver cut to the center post upper nut for easy ceramic assembly
  • Cuts on its base for mods that dont allow fat atomizers to sit flush and breath at the same time, like on Provari for example (difference)
  • Easy gripping to screw-unscrew the base (difference)
  • Air control (difference)
  • Ability to use your own drip tip without the need of another mouthpiece (difference)
  • Refilling cap screws all the way down to the body (difference)
  • Liquid control (no difference)
  • Easy gripping to screw-unscrew the cap (difference)
  • No gap between reffiling cap and body (difference)
  • Ability to totally take off mouthpiece without the need to remove the whole body, in case you want to see-check your wick when its empty of liquid (difference)
  • 4ml of liquid (difference)
  • Lock liquid function to avoid even the smallest leakage when you carry it in pockets or bags (difference and a totally new function on the market)
  • Basic temperature vapor control, adjustable in any time, using a semi-telescopic mouthpiece (difference)
  • Easier refilling (difference)
  • "Mouthpiece stopper" stops on the o-ring under the refilling cap instead of the metal surface of the refilling cap, for smoother stop (difference)
  • 17 mm external diameter (no difference)
  • A little lighter (difference)
  • Mouthpiece external diameter at 9mm (difference)
  • Different engraving (difference)
  • Serials (difference)

Technical Info

  • Stainless Steel 303
  • Ceramic Cup system
  • "No Resistive-Resistive-No Resistive" Coil Style
  • Brass "Auto Adjustable" Positive Pin
  • Ithaka Style wire fixing mechanism
  • 17mm External diameter
  • 4ml Liquid capacity
  • 49.0mm Length, excluding the mouthpiece and the 510 connector
  • 9mm Mouthpiece external diameter
  • 43.56gr Weight


Please see the Golden Greek O-Rings guide

Short Kit

The Short Kit for Penelope v2 was sold as an accessory part, consist of a set of two parts: a short tank and a short mouthpiece*. Replaces the originally included parts with the Penelope v2, allows to configure the Penelope v2 in tiny mode.

Technical Info

  • Stainless Steel 303
  • 17mm External diameter
  • 2.5ml Liquid capacity
  • 39.5mm Length, excluding the mouthpiece and the 510 connector
  • 27.5mm Tank section length
  • 41.5mm Mouthpiece lenght
  • 9mm Mouthpiece external diameter

* Does not have airflow control system

Instructional Videos & Reviews

Penelope v2 & GGTB, © by Steve Lepouras

by Imeo:

GG Family & Friends Videos

Written Reviews

17 mm from Imeo. GG Penelope V2 from Golden Greek

17 mm from Imeo. GG Penelope V2 from Golden Greek (part 2)

Parts & Assembling Pictures

Pictures, courtesy of Vladislav Karabas:

Gg-penelope-v2 001.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 002.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 003.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 004.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 005.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 006.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 007.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 008.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 009.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 010.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 011.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 012.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 013.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 014.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 015.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 016.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 017.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 018.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 019.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 020.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 021.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 022.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 023.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 024.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 025.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 026.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 027.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 028.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 031.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 032.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 033.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 034.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 035.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 036.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 037.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 038.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 039.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 040.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 041.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 042.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 043.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 044.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 045.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 046.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 047.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 048.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 049.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 050.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 051.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 052.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 053.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 054.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 055.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 056.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 057.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 058.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 059.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 060.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 061.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 062.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 063.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 064.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 065.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 066.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 067.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 068.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 069.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 070.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 071.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 072.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 073.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 074.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 075.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 076.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 077.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 078.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 079.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 080.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 081.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 082.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 083.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 084.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 085.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 086.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 087.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 088.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 089.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 090.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 091.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 092.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 093.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 094.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 095.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 096.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 097.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 098.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 099.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 100.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 101.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 102.jpg
Gg-penelope-v2 103.jpg

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