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[*] Optional accessory
[#] Optional accessory customized
Type: Rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA).
Diameters: 17mm
w/o connection and drip tip
[#]long tank:?
(liquid capacity)
[#]long tank:?
Filling sytem: Top filling.
Connection Type: 510: stainless steel, sealed, adjustable.
Tank / Body:

Stainless steel.
[*]clear tank.

Materials: Stainless steel shined.

[*]Plexiglass (PMMA) clear tank.
[#]Brass top cap.

Liquid control: Yes (via mouthpiece).
Airflow control: No.
Air channels: 2
Mouthpiece: Solid mouthpiece.
[#]for 510 drip tips
Wire / Wick: Rebuildable.
Needs NR Wire: No.
Wire / Coil Housing: Stainless steel.
Wire / Coil Holder: 2 Posts (rotatable) sytem.
Springomizer:  ?
Logo / Engraving:

GG Wings engraved at base.

Serial #: No.
Start / End dates
of production:
2015 -




  • Penelope V4 Clear Tank

Accessory customized

Preorder 10.2015

  • Penelope V4 Cap Brass Shined
  • Penelope V4 long Tank body SS Shined
  • Penelope V4 long Clear Tank
  • Penelope V4 long Mouthpiece
  • Penelope v4 mini Drip Tip Mouthpiece + Mouthpiece's Cap

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