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- Tilemahos X1 Comes by default with Springomizer.
- Tilemahos Armed is Springomizer ready, no additional parts are required.

Rebuildable Part
  • V1
  • V2 & X1
  • V1: 3mm width Liquid Channels
  • V2 & X1: 4mm width Liquid Channels
Center airhole: V1, V2 and X1 with
  • 2.5mm (like Tilemahos V2)
  • or
  • 2.0mm (like Tilemahos V2plus)
  • Housing
  • Center Post
  • Negative Base
  • Plastic Insulator
Accessory: Helper: 3mm Brass axis
Material: 303 Stainless steel
Start / End dates
of production:
  • V1: 10.2015
  • V2: 02.2016
  • X1: ?

Springs Information

Spring: Stainless Steel

302 Stainless steel


0.30 wire: max. 1.4 Ohms
0.35 wire: max. 1.0 Ohms

External Diameter:




Start / End dates
of production:

October 2015 - March 2016

Spring: Zirconium

Zr (Zirconium) 99.9%


0.40mm wire: max. ~0.65 Ohms

External Diameter:



Per specification:

Known working values:
0.00100 (Imeo's recommendation)
100 (dicodes)

Start / End dates
of production:

April 2016 -

  1. Stronger than Ti grade 1.
  2. Makes better springs (extremely resistant to deformation).
  3. It doesn't break, or get in flames, or gets damaged, or produces white powder with dry burnings.
  4. It's a biocompatible material (so not toxic), (used also in prosthetic operations (teeth/bones)).
  5. It's suitable to TC (almost all clean metals are suitable with TC). Its resistance is almost the same as Ti, so its way more suitable than any other low resistance material out there. Ti is a suitable metal, but Zr is even better.

Some Features / Characteristics:

  • Easy to put the spring on and off. In fact, its not easy, its ridiculous easy!
  • The spring will not deform when you will put wick inside it, even if wick is very very fat. The most possible is that wick will get damaged but wire will stay untouched!
  • The spring can give shape to the whole wick by putting wick inside the spring as many times as you like!
  • The spring doesn't move while you put wick even if wick is very fat! You can put even silica via its threads and spring will still stay in place!
  • You can put the spring in place even if wick is inside! That means that putting wick on your atomizer is way easier now. Also you can cut wick way easier to the length and shape you like!
  • Its always perfect. Threads are always spaced the same way and distance. So perfect coil, perfect taste!
  • You don't have to worry any more of deforming the coil while screwing the bolts that keep the wire in place. (Because there are no bolts)!
  • Easy cleaning (put the spring off and clean it totally on all of its sides, even the inside of it with soap and water or using ultrasonic cleaner). The spring will not deform!
  • You can change the value of resistance without changing the coil! Also you can do that even if wick is inside the spring!
  • Use dual springs to decrease the value of resistance and/or increase the surface.
  • The spring never dies!
  • You can move the spring more close or away from the center post air hole for different flavor-smoke-hit!
  • The spring uses ALL the available resistance between posts because there are no wire legs!
  • You know what materials you vape, not like China stuff that you never know what wick is inside, if wire is clean, what is the type of the wire etc.
  • Its inexpensive. China sells you ready resistance for 2 euros and they last for 1 week? Now your resistance costs you 1 euro and it will maybe last for ever!
Tilemahos Springomizer Rebuildable Part (complete)
for Tilemahos (V1), V1 AD, V2, V2plus
  • V1
  • V2
  • X1
Consists of:
  • Tilemahos Springomizer parts
  • Spring
  • V2 Center post extension
  • V2 AD / Center pin
  • Center post plastic
  • O-rings
Fits in:
  • Tilemahos V2
  • Tilemahos V2plus
  • Tilemahos V1 AD
  • Tilemahos X1 (comes by default with Springomizer)
Note: Tilemahos V1 (with non AD-base)
needs the Tilemahos Center Post Pin (non AD)
Housing differences: Liquid channels 4mm deep.

Round holes as liquid drain
on housing bottom,
rotated by 90 degrees.

Start / End dates
of production:
10.2015 -

Tips & Trick’s

For the forgetful like me. Scheme by gekka
  • Cut the wick flush to the channels
  • Not put tight wick inside spring
  • Make resistances above 0,65 Ohm
  • Open the juice control as much as it is required.
  • If need more feeding, please:

Instructional Videos & Reviews

Springomizer parts

by Imeo:

Others Videos:

Written Reviews:

More information about Zirconium

  • "Electrical Resistivity of Vanadium and Zirconium"

P.D Desai, H.M. James, and C. Y. Ho
Electrical Resistivity of Vanadium and Zirconium

  • Technical data for Zirconium:


  • Zirconium is "Paramagnetic*".

*"Paramagnetism is a form of magnetism whereby certain materials are attracted by an externally applied magnetic field, and form internal, induced magnetic fields in the direction of the applied magnetic field." (Wikipedia extract) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paramagnetism