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Tilemahos v2 Plus. © Picture by Frank Muders
Tilemahos v2 Plus. © Picture by Tse Chao (gekka @ ECF)
Tilemahos v2 Plus. © Picture by Jean Marie (ECF)
[W]Solid mouthpiece is required [*].
[*] Optional accessory.
Technical Info
Type: Rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA).
  • v2.
  • v2 Plus "Flavor Chaser".
Diameters: 21mm, 22mm, 23mm.
w/o connection and drip tip
Volume Normal Tank:
(liquid capacity)
  • 21mm: 3.2ml.
  • 22mm: 3.8ml.
  • 23mm: 4.4ml.

clear window: -0.5ml

Volume Larger Tank[W]:
(liquid capacity)
  • 21mm: 4.8ml (+1.6ml).
  • 22mm: 5.6ml (+1.8ml).
  • 23mm: 6.4ml (+2.0ml).
Filling sytem: Top filling.
Connection Type: 510: stainless steel, sealed, adjustable.

[*]GGTS/JustGG Native Connection for 23mm.

Tank / Body:
  • v2:

Stainless Steel (polished or matt)
or Clear Tank.

  • v2 Plus:

Engraved clear tank.
[*]Stainless steel.

  • Stainless steel 303: Main components
  • Plexiglass (PMMA): Clear tanks.
  • Delrin: Drip tip (v2 Plus) and insulators.
Liquid control: Yes (via mouthpiece).
Airflow control (AFC): Yes (via base AD Ring).

[*]GGTS/JustGG Native base / connector: No.

Airflow Control Indicator:
  • v2: Yes, GG letters on base.
  • v2 Plus: No.
AFC O-Rings placement: On base.
Mouthpiece: Removable / replaceable.

White drip tip included (v2 Plus)
[*]Stainless steel GG drip tips.
[*]Solid mouthpiece.

Wire / Wick: Rebuildable.
Needs NR Wire: No.
Wire / Coil Housing: Stainless steel.
Wire / Coil Holder: 2 Posts (rotable) sytem.
Space between terminal posts: 5mm.
Feeding channels width:
  • v2: 3.0mm
  • v2 Plus: 4.0mm
Air intake (diameter):
  • v2: 2.5mm
  • v2 Plus: 2.0mm
Springomizer: [*]Yes.
Logo / Engraving:
  • v2:

GG Letters on base.
[*]Engraved clear tank.

  • v2 Plus:

GG Wings engraved on body (clear tank).
[*]GG Wings stainless steel engraved tank.

Serial #: No.
Start / End dates
of production:
2015 -

Differences between Tilemahos V2 & Tilemahos V2 Plus (Flavor Chaser)

[*] Optional accessory.
Tilemahos V2 Tilemahos V2 Plus (Flavor Chaser)
Feeding (Liquid) channels width: 3.0mm 4.0mm
Air intake (diameter): 2.5mm 2.0mm
Tank / Body: Stainless Steel or Clear Tank Engraved Clear Tank
[*]Stainless steel.
Logo / Engraving: GG Letters on base GG Wings engraved on Clear Tank
Drip Tip none White delrin drip tip
Upgradeable with
Yes Yes

Tilemahos rebuildable parts. Courtesy of mrZoSo (ECF).

Setup Examples


Internal Diameter (mm) x Cross Section (mm)
Part Quantity ID x CS
Center Post 3 3 x 1
Center Post Extension 1 5 x 2
Top Cap 1 10 x 3
Base (AD Ring) 2 14 x 1


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