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Where and how are the GGs made?



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The Golden Greek is a line of Personal Vaporizers (PVs), Rebuildable Tank Systems (RTAs) and Auto Feeding Systems (AFSs) designed and built by Athanasis Raptis (aka Imeothanasis or simply Imeo) from Greece.

The ultimate PV. The GG, Golden Greek, personal vaporizer is an all mechanical PV. There are no wires to pinch, burn, or fail, everything inside each expertly crafted GG is user serviceable, removable, and replaceable. Each GG is hand made in Greece using the latest techniques for shaping and threading fine metals. The GG is a piece of art, that you can vape.

The GG Lifetime Warranty

Every GG product (except those clearly labeled otherwise) has a life time warranty (except springs, o-rings and surface scratches and oxidation). If the faulty part is discontinoued then the manufacturer will send a similar part from existing stock.

This warranty applies to all GG products, both brand new and second/third hand.

This warranty covers all situations (user's fault, manufacturing fault etc) and it starts from the first day that user receives the unit.

The only 2 things required from the user is to send 10 euros per faulty part (or 15 euros for steel parts)and a photo or a video showing the faulty product to the manufacturer and the manufacturer will ship a new part to the user.

In case of problem with a new unit, first contact the supplier you've bought the unit from. Otherwise contact Imeo for details.

Where and how are the GGs made?