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A Greek guy on our Favebook page told us that he loves his Iatty. Its the most tasty and with the thickest vapor atomizer he has ever tried. He is not alone on this. All people think alike for Iatty that was made 9 years ago, thats why our team decided to produce it again but in a modern way.

ps..... Iatty Reloaded will be sold only via preorders. At 15 of July 2019. We will announce the preorders on our FB page, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoldenGreekFreaks/

Preorders will stay open until the end of August. After that, we will start the bulk production and in about 3 months you may have it in your hands.


MTL vape with a pin at 1,5 mm hole that can be adjusted to less air via the air ring on the base and 1 more pin at 2mm for open MTL that can also be adjusted to less air via the air ring on base.

Also, one more pin for tight MTL vape (without air hole), that let air pass around it and NOT inside it like on the other 2 pins. This pin works like a pin with 1mm hole

Tight DTL with a pin at 3mm hole

liquid control by turning the body. At the first stopper the liquid is fully open. At the opposite stopper the body comes out of the base to check your resistance. In any other position, the liquid control is semi-opened or closed

Air control via AFC ring on the base with several holes. At the first stopper the air is fully open and you can also separate the AFC ring from the base. At the opposite stopper the air is fully closed. In any other position, the air is semi-opened

material: SS 316L

plastic material between posts: PEEK

22mm in diameter

40,5mm in length in short version with 2ml liquid capacity

49mm in length in long version with 4ml liquid capacity (by adding an extension without the need of emptying the tank). You can add additional extensions, depending on how liquid independent you want to be.

Top refilling as all GG devices via two very big refilling hole


Close the liquid control before refill

Put liquid to the o-rings to make them slip easy

If you want to clean gurgling or to change pins without tools, please unscrew the base from the deck by keeping the whole body on one hand and the base on the other hand

Turn right the air ring and it will stop to the fully opened position. Also at this point you can pull off the base

Turn right the liquid control and it stops to the fully open position

Turn left the air ring and it stops to the fully closed position

Turn left the liquid control and separate the tank from the deck to check the resistance

Turn left the whole body to semi-close or totally close the liquid control

The blind pin that doesnt have hole inside, leaves air pass around it and works like a 1mm pin for tight MTL

The very small pin is for DTL vaping with a 3mm hole

The metal part inside the spares's bag that looks like the ceramic is to replace ceramic with SS. If you want to remove ceramic and SS too its ok but you also have to remove the o-ring because it will be close to the resistance

Dont screw hard the refilling cap because its useless to do that, you may also damage the o-rings and finally you cant unscrew it easy

Put as many extensions as you like to increase liquid capacity

If you use thin wire (up to 0,5mm), turn it half turn around the bolts to avoid shorts from excess wire when you cut it with pliers

Put the wick inside the feeding holes but just a little. Dont push it deep at the bottom of the holes

Take off the o-ring on the deck if you want very good feeding at high volts

Τhe center post extension is polygonal at its end so you can use a toll that fits on it when you want to unscrew it

If you want a little more air and you dont want to change pin, adjust the center pin by unscrewing it a little