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'''= Proteus User's Guide ='''
= Proteus User's Guide =

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Proteus is a new PV made by Imeo and to be released in near future.


Proteus Led & Electro-Mechanical Button

Slim 17mm diameter PV (IMR 14500 series batteries) with integrated GG electronic module (The VIR).

Originally the electronic module of Proteus would have only variable voltage function, as at the same time the VIR project was in progress, Imeo decided to include the VIR module instead the VV module originally thought. A true challenge, all integrated in a very small factor device.

Due the VIR functions, Proteus will work with atomizers that do not require non resistive wire in their coil configuration, as a Penelope v3, which will be the perfect match.

Some Features / Characteristics:

Proteus Prototype
  • 17mm width
  • 89mm length
  • 129mm total length in combination with Penelope V4
  • 14500 battery
  • Venting cap like justGG
  • CNC engraved tube (deep engraving)
  • Adjustable front cap so battery will always make contact even without a spring
  • Adjustable airflow control (like justGG)
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Separate electronic button (goes on and off anytime from the main tube for the case electronics fail)
  • Connection for 510 based atomizers

Button functions:

  • Lock - Unlock option
  • Protection to avoid putting in the battery the wrong way
  • Short circuit protection
  • Boosting
  • Cut current if button gets pressed more than 15 seconds
  • Flat SS button

Please check The VIR section to view all the functions.

© Picture by Thanasis.
© Picture by Thanasis.
© Picture by Thanasis.

Proteus User's Guide


1. Battery Installation: Unscrew the brass tube and insert an 14500 IMR battery with the positive side up. Screw the brass tube back in. If the battery fails to make contact, unscrew the venting cap and adjust the small brass bolt inside.

2. Lock the Proteus: After installing the battery, wait six (6) seconds until Proteus locks. A GREEN light will blink several times followed by a BLUE light which stays on for two (2) seconds. The Proteus is now locked.

3. Attach an Atomizer: Connect an atomizer (equipped with a Titanium Grade 1 Coil) to the Proteus.

4. Detect Configuration: Press the button five (5) times in quick succession. The light will blink RED while detecting your configuration. The Proteus has detected your configuration once the light turns ORANGE and remains on for two (2) seconds. This process can take from twenty-five (25) seconds to sixty (60) seconds depending on the temperature of your atomizer.

5. Vape: You're ready to go! Push the button to vape!


One (1) short RED blink: The Proteus is vaping at a lower temperature because the battery cannot sustain the set temperature level.

Ten (10) fast GREEN blinks: Your atomizer is fed badly or is running out of liquid. On Golden Greek atomizers, opening the liquid control may resolve the problem. If the problem persists, you probably have to refill your atomizer.

Five (5) slow WHITE blinks: The battery's charge is getting low. Either change your battery or consider moving to a lower temperature to prolong battery life.

Steady BLUE light for two (2) seconds: The Proteus is locked because the button was depressed for more than fifteen (15) seconds. To unlock the Proteus, press the button five (5) times in quick succession.

Ten (10) fast RED blinks: Your atomizer has a lower resistance than VIR can handle or your atomizer is shorting. Check your atomizer or make a new coil. Before you make a new coil, wash your atomizer under running water to remove any small pieces of wires which may be shorting it.

Steady ORANGE light for three (3) seconds: Your battery is damaged. Please dont use it anymore and recycle it in the proper way.


     Note: The working temperature range is 180-280 degrees Celsius. The Proteus remembers all your settings after the battery has been changed.

Up Menu - Increase Temperature: Push the button three (3) times and keep the button depressed for one (1) second. The RED light will stay on. While the RED light is on, push the button one (1) time to increase the temperature by ten (10) degrees Celsius, two (2) times to increase by twenty (20) degrees Celsius, and so on...

Down Menu - Decrease Temperature: Push the button four (4) times and keep the button depressed for one (1) second. The GREEN light will stay on. While the GREEN light is on, push the button one (1) time to decrease the temperature by ten (10) degrees Celsius, two (2) times to decrease by twenty (20) degrees Celsius, and so on...

Lock the Proteus: Push the button five (5) times. A BLUE light will stay on for two (2) seconds, indicating that your Proteus is now locked.

Unlock the Proteus: Push the button five (5) times. A BLUE light will blink three (3) times, indicating that your Proteus is now unlocked.

Check Set Temperature: Go to either the Up or Down Menus and, when either the RED or GREEN lights turn on, release the button. An ORANGE light will start blinking slowly, each blink indicating one step in temperature. Each step is ten (10) degrees Celsius. The total number of blinks will let you know what temperature you are at. One blink indicates 180 degrees Celsius. Two blinks indicates 190 degrees Celsius, and so on...

Stop LED's from Blinking: Push the button one (1) time.


If you want to vape again on the same atomizer (without changing the coil), lock the Proteus and then disconnect the atomizer. Reconnect this atomizer when you are ready, unlock the Proteus, and vape!

If you want to vape with a different atomizer (or change the coil in existing atomizer), disconnect your OLD atomizer and let Proteus lock by itself. Now connect the NEW atomizer and unlock the Proteus. Wait for it to detect your configuration. The Proteus will blink red while detecting your configuration and the process will finish when an ORANGE light remains on for two (2) seconds. This may take from twenty-five (25) to sixty (60) seconds depending on the temperature of your atomizer. You're ready to vape again!


Keep threads and contacts clean, otherwise your Proteus will not work as you expect.


The threads of the coil must NOT touch each other

The legs of the coil (the distance between coil and posts that keep wires) should be the shortest possible.

The coil should be wound tightly, and with uniform tightness, around the entire length of the wick.

Keep all your electrical connections tight.

If the Proteus gets stuck to a menu, release the connection to the battery, wait 3 seconds and reconnect the battery. You will not loose any of your settings.

If the Proteus suddenly starts detecting your configuration, its because it decides to make a check on your coil. Let it finish his job. Its a rare operation that will be done once a week or once a month. Its a totally random procedure.

Range of Ti wires sizes that are recommended for atomizers which will go on Proteus: 0,25 mm - 0,50 mm.

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