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GG History


Build: <some date>
Details: button from stores, no lock, the first wireless device in e-cig history)
Optional Wiki Link etc, pp.


Details: button that had a problem with firing when a metal surface was touching button and body, no lock

GGGrant with almost the same as the present GGTS button
GG nano (1xcr123 battery), GGTS button style
GG super nano (1xcr2 battery), GGTS button style
GGSlim (no locking button)
GGSlim with a side button (I made 2 pieces only, no locking button)
GGSlim with locking button
GGSuperslim (one single tube that takes 2x10440 batteries for 7,4 volt vaping)
GGSlim connector to connect 2 regular slims together and make a slim for 7,4 volts vaping)
GGTransformer (it takes almost all batteries, tube with sections)
GGTS (2 prototypes with the ability to move the button in 3 places)
GGTS (1 prototype that had the ability to move the button in 4 places: front, side, near atomizer and front again but it could made unit 20mm smaller)
GGTS with the 4 in 1 cap (no CT, no CR, bottom cap with front venting holes)
GGTS with CT and CR (bottom cap with side visible holes)
GGTS (present)
GGTB (present)
AFS1 beta ( tube with a cap, the first use of o-rings in e-cig history, holding atomizer with a laser hole on its tube near the bridge)
AFS1 [tube with 4 caps (2 per each side), holding a lasered atomizer like the AFS beta]
AFS (air control but different than UFS)
AFSV3 (like AVS2 but made for all mods)
UFS (present)